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design companies and architecture firms tours for architects, students and design professionals|

Design companies and architecture firms educational tours – get to know premium International architecture firms and Italian design brands by visiting their headquarters and the territories where they are based.


“It was good to meet so many enthusiastic students who had taken the initiative to find out more about the world that they will soon become a part of. They were hungry to learn and keen to explore what is involved, asking lots of insightful questions throughout their visit. I was delighted to be able to give them a glimpse of my world. I was fascinated to hear that Novamobili had taken a pro-active role in helping to organise the event, a brilliant way of making contact with the next generation of inspirational designers. They should be applauded for their initiative and insight. It would be good to meet in the future.”

Robin Partington , Founder and Director at Apt

Yes, I would define the Architectours project as such because there is a lot of talk about win-win actions to indicate solutions that bring benefits to both parties involved in a project…but everyone wins here.

“It was a pleasure to welcome a group of architecture students, from all over the world, to our offices for a tour and an introduction to TP Bennett. Well done to Architectours for this great initiative – inspiring and innovative, well done!”

Exceptionally well organized tour rich of inspiring information! So uplifting to see the motivation and energy involved. We all got the best out of it! To everyone who with pride and dedication took part in sharing their passion. I look forward to seeing you again.

Isabelle Posocco, Sales Manager at Kristalia

Thanks for the wonderful tour! It was a great opportunity to visit these offices as well as meet with all these talented people! Can’t thank the organizers enough!