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Company visits aims to push the envelope further, and expand the tourism sector to the creative industry by connecting architects and interior designers with Italy’s leading manufacturers and companies. Through company visits and tailored excursions to cultural institutions, showrooms and studios, Architectours offers the opportunity to meet and converse with industry protagonists and witness first-hand what it truly means to be ‘Made in Italy’. Born out of a strong creative passion to promote high quality design production and architectural integrity, Architectours is the first design tourism network of its kind in Italy, highlighting the country’s cultural richness and position as the pioneering father of design, and one of the leading exports of beauty and quality.

And while Architectours’ programmes are meant to be educational, and provide you with as much insight and knowledge of Italy’s industrial creativity, we will indulge you in the greater Italian lifestyle through gastronomic offerings while we host you with evening aperitivos, breaks at bacari (typical Venetian bars), enjoying the local wine offerings, and heading to taverns for traditional Italian dishes.

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