Italian design day: Italian design in 100 cities around the world: from Addis Abeba to New York, form Cape Town to Zurich, from Lima to Jakarta…

Following the successful 21st Milan Triennial Exhibition, a special initiative launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote contemporary Italian Design in the world with events in over 100 cities internationally which include the participation of 100 “Ambassadors of Italian Culture”: Italian architects, business leaders, critics, academics and designers “Under 35” to illustrate the history and new trends the Italian design sector has to offer.

Italian Design Day is a joint venture by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Economic Development and Cultural Heritage and the Triennale di Milano, in collaboration with prestigious partners the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the Italian Trade Agency ICE, the International Design Association ADI and the broadcaster RAI.The culture of design in Italy began during the Renaissance and developed  due to the influence between the schools of indusrial design and artistic trends, and followed diversified and innovative flows linked to territories and entrepreneurship. After World War II, Italian design symbolised the country’s economic growth and became the leading element of Italy’s industrial production.

Today, like yesterday, Italian design has tangible and intangible features that have made it recognisable across the planet for its original projects, the quality of materials employed, the manufacturing of these objects, the environmentally friendly production processes (considerate of those who work at them as of those who will use them), and the distinctive characteristics of its packaging and advertising.

Italian design combines the concreteness of traditional craftsmanship and the spirit of experimentation. By integrating the beauty of design into mass production, Italian design has fostered the coexistence of art and industry along a mutual development process.

On this particular day – 2nd March – the 100 Ambassadors of Italian Culture will discuss an outstanding project, in each of the cities around the world. They will also be tasked with bringing back to Italy information about particular strong points of the countries in question, both for sharing and for the identification of potential joint projects for the future.

Italian Design Day brings Italian design on tour around the world