The Festival des Architectures Vives 2019 is a public architectural event where visitors can discover the historical landmarks of the city of Montpellier. The FAV 2019 will take place from 11th-16th June 2019. Montpellier is the third-largest French city on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille and Nice. It’s the 7th-largest city of France, and is also the fastest-growing city in the country over the past 25 years.

The Festival des Architectures Vives 2019 invites visitors to interact with the rich heritage by offering installations scattered around the city. In Montpellier, it takes place in the historic town and offers a path connecting mansions and courtyards, mostly private, that are usually not accessible to visitors.

Under the thematic Beauty, 10 teams and one university invited will realize an installation in the historical center of Montpellier. This year the invited university is the well-known Cooper Union, Institute for Sustainable Design, of New York City.

Each installation created by an architect team allows highlighting the work of a younger generation which is inventing, experimenting and exploring new environmental designs. The festival offers them the opportunity to realize an installation in the heart of the prestigious and remarkable courses and mansions opened for the event. Each one opens a dialogue between heritage and contemporary architecture installations.

Ideally located in the course of the CCI of Montpellier in the city center, the Pavilion is the starting point of the Festival des Architectures Vives. It aims to inform and inform visitors to guide them in their journey. The pavilion will be open in Montpellier from 5th-16th of June 2019 in the courtyard of Hôtel Saint Côme de Montpellier, CCI Hérault.

The architecture studios attending at Festival des Architectures Vives 2019 are:

Kuma & Elsa Paris(France) an international architecture and urbanism practice
Nan Cristina, Bausa Martinez Carlos, Medina Patatuchi Dirce Edinburgh (Scotland) + London (England) an interdisciplinary team of creative minds interests in a variety of fields such as design, architecture, art and education
Maxence Grangeot Thonon-les-bains (France) an enthusiastic architect questioning the future of contemporary societies, notably through technology, energy, transportation and affordable architecture.
Muro Atelier Lisbon (Portugal) the encounter of three architects with different backgrounds (Portugal, Italy and France) sharing a common approach on architecture, environment and heritage.
Thrace Design Studio Richmond (USA) interested in the role that built and natural environments play in people’s lives.
Lopez Rodriguez Enrique, Berriozabal Armesto Inigo Madrid (Spain) + Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Their proposals focus in ephemeral installations, garden design and projects that engage people and make an impact in the surroundings.
Waste is More Montpellier (France) works on waste reuse through Design & Innovation.
Le MetrotopE : Julien Plessis Montrouge (France) reflecting on various scales: from the object to the place, through the architecture.
Pulpas Studio Murcia (Spain) net of workshops from South of Spain. They are architects, artisans, designers, artists and engineers.
Coralie Casanova et Thibaud Bronchart Paris (France) a complementary duo developing an approach based on sensitive experiences and emotions to explore unknown possibilities.
Obione Paris (France) + Rotterdam (The Netherlands) an architecture studio gradually shaping the project through the observation and analysis of a spatial situation

Festival des Architectures Vives 2019
Montpellier, France
11th-16th June 2019
free entrance from 9 am to 7 pm (2 pm to 7 pm the 12th)