The studio exhibition “Best Communication Design – Red Dot Winners Selection 2018” shows an exclusive selection of the works that were successful in the latest Red Dot Award: Communication Design. The exhibition will present the best communication design works of the year, and thus examples of the status quo of the international creative scene, from packaging to posters or online projects, from 28 October 2018 to 13 January 2019 in the Museum for Communication Berlin.

The Museum for Communication Berlin is regarded as the world’s oldest postal museum. It was founded in 1872 on the initiative of Postmaster General Heinrich von Stephan. Today the Museum for Communication Berlin unites the past, present and future. Its permanent exhibition offers vivid insights into the origins, development and future of the information society. A series of attractive temporary exhibitions showcases the many different aspects of communication. The Treasure Chamber is home to the most valuable exhibits, such as  the most famous postage stamps in the world – the Blue and Red ‘Post Office’ Mauritius.

Visitors who are interested in experiencing the different nuances of award- winning communication design can do so for example on a guided tour in German language with Red Dot founder Professor Dr. Peter Zec. On Tuesday, 11 December 2018 at 5.30 p.m., the design expert will give a guided tour of the exhibition. He will introduce the best creative projects of the year from his perspective and give a deeper insight into how our communication is designed.

The exhibits include the projects awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best by the 24-member jury for their very high design quality and creative performance in the competition. The works that won the Red Dot: Grand Prix, namely the best in each category, are likewise on show. In addition, the exhibition uses theexamples to provide an insight into the creative achievements of the year’smost successful agency and brand. The piece of work by an up-and-coming designer awarded with the Red Dot: Junior Prize completes the overview of the latest trends in the global communication industry.

The collection of the best Red Dot Winners Selection 2018 includes among other things the world’s fastest annual report, developed by Puma and Publicis Pixelpark. The 9.58-second film shows Usain Bolt’s world record- breaking race. Matching the company’s claim – “Forever Faster” – the Puma Annual Report 2017 is integrated in the clip as an overlay. Another example of best form is a beer can designed by Serviceplan based on the design of a champagne flute. The German agency thus gave the well-known packaging an unusual shape for the limited edition “Le Beck’s: The Legendary Beer Can”.

A similarly unconventional idea is the “Genesis Gangnam Showroom” from Hyundai Motor Company that facilitates an entirely new brand and product experience. The showroom arouses the curiosity of the clients by only making a small portion of the vehicles visible from outside. In the calm and elegant interior, they can discover the quality of the “Genesis” luxury brand withoutfeeling compelled to make a purchase. A new perspective on characters thatsurround us constantly in our everyday lives is offered by “Le Murmure”. Thetypography of the eponymous French creative agency is both pithy and elegant and is complemented by stylistic variations. The script plays withskilful asymmetries of the letters, thus conveying the company’s style.