Under the motto “Meet. Mountain. People. Soul” the International Mountain Summit 2018, one of the world’s largest mountain festivals, celebrates its 10th edition from Monday 8th October to Sunday 14th October 2018 in Brixen, Italy. Once again there will be an extensive range of speakers, topics and experiences for visitors for one week.

Festival attendees experience the mountain during hikes, theme walks and e.g. discoveries in the mine. Encounters with mountain people change perspectives and inspire reflection. Mountain people know about the power of the mountains. Their experiences in the alpine habitat stand for both rootedness and change and adaptation. Dealing with animals and nature makes mountain people extraordinary and impressive interlocutors. The IMS International Mountain Summit 2018 brings people together, into an exchange from which both sides benefit. The encounter with the mountain soul, its very personal inner mountain, shows how strong one’s own will is to reach goals, overcome mountains and motivate oneself.

Inside the IMS International Mountain Summit 2018 there is a chapter fully dedicated to architecture: the IMS Architecture Days!

In collaboration with the Architects Association of Bozen, architects, designers, engineering experts curious and enthusiastic people can attend to a training experiences. For four days the passion for the mountains can bland with the love for their profession, the desire for training and updating. Some events will be held only in German language. 

Among the different activities there will be chance to visit the new Durst headquarter in Brixen. A futuristic building will house the exclusive Innovation Centre, a modern showroom and the Group’s central management offices. Designed by architects Patrik Pedò and Juri Pobitzer from the practice Monovolume, the project involves the architectural and functional integration of the new structure with the existing facility built back in 1963 by architect Othmar Barth. The new building presents itself as a compact, homogenous construction body, which awakens interest by its exceptional facade. the organically shaped „pixel facade“ consists of lightweight concrete elements, and creates a high recognition value. in the jambs of the windows, led lights will be installed, whereby the facade can be staged at night as a dynamic pixel facade.

Another venue that will be visited is the new My Arbor Hotel with the terrific Dolomite mountain panorama as backdrop. Architect Gerhard Tauber, the designer of the interiors, wanted to recreate a structure that is simpler than a tree: from the choice of furniture, in antique wood of larch and burnt fir tree, to the spacious glass walls, from the fabrics chosen in loden and linen, to the warm tones that recall the colors of the earth.

Ph: Oskar Da Riz

The attendees will visit the restaurant Brix 0.1, by Markus Tauber Architectura located in the Lido Park of Brixen. The building, simple but extremely plastic, is overlooking a lake and, with its sculptural skin made of “leaves” of Corten steel, stands out in green during the day while at night becomes a lantern of light. This is also helped by large windows behind the corten that connect the interior with an outdoor overhanging terrace. The interior is characterized by a front-cooking kitchen that puts the customers in dialogue with the chefs.

The IMS International Mountain Summit organize even excursions to amazing places of South Tyrol. During those, there will be the opportunity to visit the refuge Tierser Alpl. It is situated on the saddle of the same name, a place where all paths seem to cross. On the way from the Schlern to the Lang- and Plattkofel, from the Seiser Alm to the Rosengarten, you’ll always pass this spot where Max Aichner, a mountain guide from Tiers, realised his idea of building his own refuge 50 years ago. Over the years, the refuge has been adapted to the needs of the times, but its spirit has remained the same. The refuge has become a place where people meet, seek shelter from the forces of nature or simply enjoy a good meal and a fine drop of wine.

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