Every year, MAF and D’Architectures unveil the list of top French architecture firms according to their turnover.

D’Architecture magazine, in partnership with MAF (Mutuelle des architectes français), establishes the ranking of French architecture firms according to their reported turnover.

In terms of turnover, more than 63,5 million euros, Arep is the first firm in the 2018 top French architecture firms ranking. It is well ahead of other studios.

In fact, RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop ranks second with a turnover of € 44.8 million, and Valode & Pistre, at the foot of the podium, is third with a turnover of € 35,2 million. With 34 million € and the best performance compared with the previous year turnover (+36%), the Ateliers Jean Nouvel is in forth position.

The only non-Paris agency in the top 10 is the Lionese agency Chabanne + Partenaires (€ 30.9 million) at the 5th place.

Wilmotte & Associés is in sixth place with a turnover of € 29.2 million.
In seventh place is AIA Architects Associate Engineers (€ 28.3 million). Next are the Baumschlager Eberle branches (€ 24.15m), A26 architectures (€ 21.55m). Finally, the tenth place is occupied by Patriarche with a turnover of 20 million euros.

2018 Top French architecture firms

1         Arep
2         RPBW | Renzo Piano Building Workshop
3         Valode & Pistre
4         Ateliers Jean Nouvel
5         Chabanne + Partenaires
6         Wilmotte & Associés
7         AIA Architects Associate Engineers
8         Baumschlager Eberle
9         A26 architectures     
10       Patriarche

The authors of this ranking assert that “the criterion is exclusively the financial health of agencies and in no case that of architectural quality.” It is also stated that “the list is not perfectly exhaustive

[…], it offers a factual situation that is new and revealing of the state of the profession” in France.

Compared with the Italian top architecture firm ranking, where in the first place we find One Works with a turnover of 21,5 million euros, the top French architecture firms are performing much better.

We can’t say the same if we compare the Franch ranking with the top English architecture firms where in the first place for Worldwide turnover there is HOK with 281 million euros (4 times more the best French one and 13 times more the best Italian one).

Cover image: © RPBW, ph. Stefano Goldberg